Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Too many DJ's in the cloud

Dear DJ's in the Cloud ..

If you have been following my blog you will know that I listen to a lot of music and that I use all sorts of online music discovery sources. Not only do I spend a lot of time listening I have also spend a lot of money building a solid music library. Looking back I should probably own 5000 records by now, but I have no problem deleting music that I dont listen to anymore, since my passion is music discovery.

In the beginning
Following my blog you will also know that I like gadgets and new media. I have been using everything from Napster, MySpace, Last.fm etc. to my latest music service in testing WiMP.dk

Back in 1999 I wrote an article to Politiken.dk where I urged the record industry to release the mp3 media because the restrictions was hurting upcoming artists and the consumers. However, it seems as every time a new music service get's good, the music industry or capitalizing companies ruin it. The only business model that seems to be consistent is iTunes IMO.
But the iTunes model, as it is now, is under constant attack by the music industry, since Apple is taking a big cut.
But all in all I really can't be bothered with maintaining an mp3 music library any more. The first cd's I started ripping was in 92 kbps since I never would have imagined that it would leave my iPod. Today I wont settle for less than 320 kbps, since it has to play on the hi fi as well. Therefore my oldest rippings are wothless and I there is no way I will rip them again.

Cloud services
So needless to say I am waiting impatiantly for a decent cloudservice model that covers all my nerd needs.
My set up til now has been a collaboration between iTunes, Last.fm, The Hype Machine, New Release streaming and the public music library ♪
Last.fm has been taking care of my social music needs and geekbeat with audioscrobbeling. And even though they had to kill their iPhone app in DK I still put my trust in their ability to come through with a solid service like Spotify e.g. Well, then again, I also had my hopes up for a iTunes cloud service in 2010

I read this article 'Dear Last.fm ..' by Henriette Weber and I came to realize that unless you knit together your own media solutions, the market is going to be constantly changing and there will be no service covering them all.
There was a time when Last.fm would develop their services and communicate with their users like this, but a year down the road they have gone corporate and the tone has changed to this

My hope is that there could be only one God to cover all my needs, but there are too many options to cover. So I keep on praying to the DJ's in the cloud to come down. We won't crucify you - this time!

My DJ's
These are the ones that rocked my boat in 2010

Spinner.com - new releases
Last.fm - subscriber
The Hype Machine

Paid services

Music Weekly
NPR - All songs considered
CBC Radio 3
Sorry - no relevant Danish podcasts due to the Danish Copyright Act

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