Monday, October 14, 2013

Restore your faith in Humanity in 2 hours

This movie is about a world music project with great philosphy and music in it. We are one world!
Read the story behind the project: 1 Giant Leap

Friday, October 4, 2013

Shiny happy people - have their shit together

Shiny happy people

Good for them

I used to despise, but now I envy, people who don't need art in their life to be present or emotional stable. I thought that people who only need music to party or dance where spiritually poor, that they were missing out on the essence of the art in music. My prejudice tells me that they are either in some sort of bliss or ignorant. But now I understand that they are not constantly filling their minds with art, because they don't need to. For them, art is an emotional overload - too much emotional information. Good for them.

I understand that most people prefer music they know, music that is validated, music that is safe and social, so that they can focus on things that matter. Like balancing their accounts.. And I think to myself ' Those people must really have their shit together - how come they are not cool?'
Because they don't need to, they got their shit together(!)

Help me write part two 
*This is part one of a blog post that I am writing. Part two will be posted later. 
Apparently we don't speak the same language and we will probably never understand each other. But why?
I'd love to investigate this further, but i could use a little help here, so feel free to chime in and I'll keep you updated if I ever figure this one out. Until then, think about it, and help me figure this one out by posting your comments below.