Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ok Monkey, you had me at 'very intelligent'

This is a copy of a personal e-mail I received from the screwballs at today.

Hi Kirpus69,

Whoops, your subscription expired. We really should have told you sooner..

Studies confirm that Subscribers are extremely good-looking, very intelligent and possess exquisite music taste.

In addition, you get better personalized radio, priority access to the site with no ads, sneak previews of all our new stuff… and an exclusive black user icon appearing next to your name.
So, hopefully you'd like to be a subscriber again.

Regardless, please keep sending abuse / suggestions / praise. Whatever you think will keep us on our toes.

And thank you!
Everyone at

Go here to subscribe:

Best Regards,
The Email Monkey

Need I say I renewed my subscription? ;-) and thats the way you do it!


Kraak said...

Haha! You did it!

Kirpus said...

Hehe Kraak.
I did'nt see your comments till now - thanx ;-)

By now I have an of and on relationship with