Monday, February 7, 2011

The local windmill story

Uhre Mill was build in 1843-44 and is the only remaining of its kind in Denmark.

The thatched windmill is also called an "earth Dutchman" where only the mill hat, with blades, can rotate 360°. The turbine blades have been fitted with canvas after Dutch pattern.

Uhre Mill has had many different owners over time. Some of these were trained millers, who besides a little farming on the side, mainly lived from the mill.
Uhre Mill had its heyday in the period from 1880s until the 1930s. Windmill importance declined over the years as the farms got connected to the power grit, and so did the mill with an electric or petrol driven grinder.
During the Second World War the mill had a comeback for a short period, due to the circumstances. The mill was in operation until approximately. 1950 where the blades broke in a storm, after which it was no longer in use.

The wooden interior and equipment are virtually intact. 
In 1981 Uhre Mill was put under cultural- and architectural conservation law. The restoration was initiated in 1995. by the Uhre Mill Association,  which was formed in 1993.

Opening hours is 10.00 - 17.00 from 1. of may to 1. of october 
- or by appointment: tel.:+45 9642 0428.

Uhre Mill has a plate exhibition telling the story of the mill and there is an exhibition in the warehouse as well.

The mill will be open and running, if the weather allows it, as described below.

Uhre City [Danish]
Siemens Wind Power

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