Friday, February 18, 2011

Arrogant & Hostile

Band of Horses live at Club Übel & Gefährlich
Once more we took the drive from Denmark to Hamburg, to go to Club Übel & Gefährlich. Last time I was there, I was amassed but not impressed by the venue.
The club is located on top of a IIWW bunker in the St. Pauli district - hence it screams alternative punk rock. On paper that sounds awesome.
I don't mind that scene at all, but I hate the We-don't-give-a-shit-attitude towards their customers with lusy PR, comfort and service over all. There was hardly any BOH PR to spot in the city, but the show was sold out!! So for me the secrecy get's old before it even starts. Maybe you have to be a part of it to gain some respect and insider advantages. I know the scene, because I've been a part of it back in the days.

The last time I saw BOH at it was an entirely different scenario, with a warm welcoming spirit and conversation with the crowd. This time I almost felt anger form Ben Bridwell. They played the set with edge and noise and barely talked. They walked on stage with a "Hello we are BOH and we are going to play a couple of songs for you alright?" and they walked off stage with a "Thank you - you suck!" (I think) So I got the feeling BOH had as bad as an experience as I did and probably won't come back either.
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Thankfully we had a great day im Karoviertel und an der Schanze, so the drive was worth it. There are a lot of great acts coming up and other venues to check out so we will definitely be back in Hamburg.


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