Friday, July 25, 2014

Our precious pretence ..

That is so fucking true ..

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

International Events Fatique

Is it only me?
Is it only me or are you also starting to feel a bit disgusted with the major sports and cultural events of the world?
In year 2014 we had to endure a scandalous Winter OL in Russia - with major pollution problems to follow and hate crimes against gay people.
This summer we can watch Brazil spend enormous amounts of money on football - while it's population is suffering and the goverment commits heinous crimes against their weakest elements of society - the street children 

The ignorance and decadence is frightening!
It's getting more and more obvious that some people are having a luscious ball at the expense of the environment and population of the world. It seems as we have forgotten that we all live on the same planet and looking away doesn't solve the problems - and there is no one else to fix this mess but us.

Take it back!
But there is a peaceful way to protest: Take it back! Take it back to your neighborhood, play with your friends, boycott your idols who pray on these events. Remember what it was all about - socialising and having a good time on your own.

But it's just a thought. Never mind me.


This post let me to comment on a current radio program in danish about the Football World Cup. I love football, but I hate the bigotry.
The guests the had invited in came from an academic background, including a woman who works with future developments. All, but one, treated the subjects as if major world events is a holy cow that should not be challenged. 

But think about this:
What if we could get 700 million viewers with a budget of billions of dollars for a two week world wide media event every second year - could we change the future, one event at the time? Would you watch?

I suggest taking it from the top:

  • A common clean up campaign of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
  • A campaign for the leaders of the world to understand that our planet can not handle one more bomb dropped in the trees, one more sunken war ship or one more city burning. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

School Kids Perform Cover Of 46 And 2 By Tool

I was a bit worried about the vocals when the song started, but to my surprise, the singer had it down!

The bass and drums are carrying the rest of the song :)