Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rocking it out in safe harbor

Bork Havn Musikfestival 2010
Yet again, I am hosting the main stage at Bork Havn Musikfestival. Yes I know. Sounds.. unfamiliar. Doesn’t it? Well if you know Bork Havn, you know this festival. And if you like Danish live music, this is the place to be at the very west coast of Denmark - every year!
So I thought I might as well warm up to the job by blogging about my expectations as the stage host and as a live music fan from Denmark.

I am looking forward to reconnect with my favorite live audience. They have been starving for live music all winther and they know how to appreciate a good liveshow when they see it. As always the booker Thomas Matthiesen has picked a fine mix of both new and old, with something for everybody. It is top motivating for me as the stage host to present the one talented act after another, after I have told both the artists and the audience that they are in for a treat - and they seldom fail.
I promise I’ll do my best to connect the moment between the waiting and the live experince, for both artist and you - the audience.

The bands
(The Storm)
The first time..
Looking forward to seing When Saints Go Machine, Nabiha and The Storm for the first time.
I have high hopes for When Saints Go Machine. We have had good luck with danceable electro rock bands from DK lately.


Trible Trouble
A festival line up with the 3 electro rock aces Troels Abrahamsen (VETO), Turboweekend and When Saints Go Machine is boudn to make the dudes dance and the girls fall in love. I see a lot of hormones and beats in the air and I hope my favorite audience lives up to it.

(Troels Abrahamsen)

Too many DJ’s?
On Thursday night the tent will be pounding with 3 hours of rythm, breaks and beats. I can’t say that I know any thing about Bertram Zanjani or Rasmus Weng Karlsen. But I know my favorite frontman Troels Abrahamsens solo projects, band and DJ sets - and I know my favorite club city Århus are garanteed to deliver!! If the tent isn’t oozing with good vibes and hormones in the 3 hours, it must be my fault and the audiences lack of lust to get in the mood. So get with it Bork!

The Suicide Mission
I have seen Selvmord (Suicide) live.. And even though it’s being fronted by some of the best rappers from the Danish hip hop scene the show is an absolute downer - lyrically. Thank good the set is scheduled inbetween the 80’ties party band “Hit med 80’erne” and the talented Euro disco danceband Infernal. Maybe they’ll help us all survive..

The rock and roll finest
I couldn’t have picked a better rock mix for this years festival; The Blue Van, The Floor Is Made of Lava, The Storm, Kashmir and Dizzy Mizz Lizzy. Everybody who is able to lift their arms above shoulder level are doomed to throw the hands in the air and play the imaginary guitar; bad boys and riot grrls!

Are you still made of Lava?
I msut admit that I haven’t embraced the latest record by The Floor Is Made Of Lava - as much as I loved All Juice No Fruit (tjek blg link). But I know they rock the party live, so I am kind of hoping that they sell it to me anyway

The same goes for The Storm. Maybe they got something that I can’t hear on their records. I’ll deffinately give them a chance. 
And I got my history with the re-united Dizzy Mizz Lizzy to catch up on. If they perform as well live now as they did in the 90’ties, I am going to all smiles up to both ears. If not..?

I am also a little bit curious about Alphabeat, where they able to keep the magic from shooting stars to UK fame? They are undoubtedly very talented, but a lot of their spark came from personal energy and charisma.

About BHMF - from my point of view
A major livemusic event in the middle of “nowhere” cultural, but in the richest nature and arranged by awesome locals. That’s why I always love to come back.
This year we are up against Skanderborg Festival and maybe we have lost a few of our most loyal audiences, but they know what they are missing out on. Good times, good music


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My twitter name is @Kirpus 

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