Thursday, August 12, 2010

Canoeing in the DK wilderness

The summer is still upon us, the Danish nature is as green as ever and the water is nice and warm. Thanks to the fresh summer rain of August, there is plenty of water in the river to drive us forward on Our canoe trip on Saturday. We are going downstream for 25km/ approx. 5 hours - starting from Bassumgårdvej in Tjørrring - on this Satureday August 14th.

We all meet at Storå in Tjørring at 10:00.
Remember to bring an extra set of dry clothes and shoes (Rubber boots a impractical). Raincoats and sorts are good to have.
Bring a couple of zip-lock bags too, for your valuable belongings. 
- There will be lifejackets and paddles for everybody. 

Lunch is taken care of, but it's a good idea to bring snacks and beverage for the 4 hour canoe trip - and it's not a crime to bring a few beers ;0)

We all meet at Storå in Tjørring at 10:00   

(Nearest address is 

Brogårdvej 41, Tjørring)

Returning to starting point approx. 16:30

Starting point
(Streets of Brogårdvej/Bassumgårdvej)

See from Herning St. to Tjørring (Ending 300m from Storå) 

We will provide transportation back to your cars, after arriving on destination.

There is plenty of free parking space for everybody, but we recommend carpooling if possible.

If you have any problems finding us. Please call Anja at ph. +4524270843 or Thomas at ph. +4520638585 
International Society will take care of the rest.

All you have to do is smile :0)

Link to brochure and river map here

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