Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Countdown - invitation

Welcome to The Countdown! 
At The Forefront of International Music!

Today I got invited to join The Countdown.

I hope you're doing great!

I was accidentally browsing your profile and I thought we could invite you to be part of our music game since your profile seems to fit in so well. I and some of my friends I met on have been organizing a HOT competition based on international music for over 35 months. We think it is a great hobby and are inviting people from all over the World to participate to discover new music.

We are inviting cool people from different countries to join us and now they are looking for new members of the Danish jury. If you like discovering new artists, have extensive musical taste, like different languages & new releases, this competition is for you!"

Should I participate?

Welcome to The Countdown! At The Forefront of International Music!

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