Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beautiful sad: Into The Wild

I finally got to see the movie INTO THE WILD by Sean Penn, since a friend strongly recommended it to me.
I kinda skipped it since the only press I read on it was about Eddie Vedder recording the soundtrack. And even though Eddie Vedder has been an icon to me for many years, I am kind of fed up with people idolizing Pearl Jam - just because they have been around for a decade and they really haven't contributed anything new in music over the last couple of records.
So I didn't think his stamp was a quality approval.

Well ... I was wrong.

INTO THE WILD blew my mind and stroke deep into my past.
In the early nineties I sold all my danish belongings and left for USA.
I had to take a few fatal decisions and grew quite radical in mind. This movie made me think about what would have happened if I strayed of my tracks and if I ended up like Cristopher McCandless, would it have been worth it?

However, I did not go for nature, but the American dream - the simple way. But somehow I ended up in Ashland, OR and fell in love with the hippie mentality and the Oregon countryside. But most of all I met some adventurous people that expanded my horizon and helped me grow as a person.

At the end of my stay (1992) I took a Green Tortoise bus travel from San Fransico to New York City, traveling all the back roads with half of my belongings in a duffelbag. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
I made best friends with Danny from Leeds, UK for 10 days and befriended a couple of other world citizens.
The nature trip was awesome and was a mental journey through the wild American nature.

You Americans are so blessed with nature and diversity in people and if you haven't taken a back roads trip like that yet - you don't know how much America you are missing out on.

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