Monday, March 9, 2009

The social experiment

I started a blog in 2007 to communicate and educate my self on blogging.

"only a few from my family and my generation use the internet interactive."

This blog is on pause

I host to blogs, one for the family and this one for the web community.
This blog is merely thought as my contribution to the web community since i like to voice my opinion and to engage my English speaking friends around the world.

The other one LivetLive is for my family and friends who share interest in Our daily lives. Once in a while I send links to my friends and family to sum up the events and announcements. But I came to realize that only a few from my family and my generation use the internet interactively. Therefore I rarely received online feedback and comments, or let's say, practically none.
That's why my blogs are on pause until I figure out what sort of feedback to expect and how to engage this blog better in the community.

Everybody referres to Facebook for feedback and even though I have been hesitant to joint this exclusive forum, I finally gave it a go - as research.
I must admit that I am a bit disappointed with some of the people who drew me in there, since they rarely post anything themselves. But the few friends I have, who are active Facebook members, give great feedback and post fun social content to share.
Even though I thought about quitting my Facebook account in protest of the missing feedback I must admit it is quite addictive. And even though they don't post comments online, some of my friends still give comments face to face. I guess it's alright, although I find it a bit strange and uncomfortable, at times, since face to face is in a totally different environment.

With getting the social media out of the way, I still have some personal interest to blog about, which you can see in my previous posts.
But I have experienced the same thing; people don't comment on your posts, unless you are somehow related. That leaves me with Digg, e.g. and that works out just fine, thank you.

The unique
So until I find a unique cause to blog about, I don't see any reason to continue blogging to the invisible digits. But I will be honored to join any blogging forum and pour my wise words all over it, if asked.
Unless my Facebook friends let me down and I start reposting to you, my dear stranger.


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