Sunday, February 15, 2009

Out of bounce with Ximeta

Lately I haven't been bouncing to well, since I am experiencing some serious hardware issues, due to my Ximeta Netdisk Wireless.

This has worked as my back up storage, mediaserver, router for a couple of computers.
When it was doing it's job it was excellent, but there has been a lot of headaches getting this piece of ..... to work. Unfortunately I have been too patient with it and now it is nothing but trouble.

Ximeta's support is not doing it's job too good and I am stuck to the few online forums left with answers. It seems as Ximeta shuts downs it's forums every once in a while due to too much negative feedback.

Warning - money to burn and time to waste.
So let this be a warning to you. Do NOT buy this product unless you are a professional in tech with money to burn and time to waste.

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Kirpus said...

I finally took the harddrive out and scrapped the Netdisk entirely.

So now it's practically worthless and has no resell value.