Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Semantify yourself!

Hello human visitors, and web crawlers. Allow me to geek out for a minute.

Now, I love the internet, new apps, gadgets and widgets. But it has it's drawbacks and is too often a time waster - so is the medium we are using to surf the net - the computer.

But don't give up, in the near future (4 - 8 years) the computers and the web will grow a lot smarter, if we allow it.

The Future in the Cloud
In the near future most of our programs will run on web apps and the machines we sit behind will be as easy and disposable as a cell phone, because of all the 'brain power' will be in Cloud Computing.

The days we spend fixing and updating the piece of junk on Our desk are soon over. Soon it just evolves on the net, without you even noticing it.
But most off all, the net will learn to know what we want with the semantic web. Yes it's all a part of the machines taking over the world and yes soon we won't have to think for ourselves - and I look forward to it.

Work with Gut Feelings
In the future we can choose more by gut feelings and focus on taking the right ethical choice. Hey, maybe the net will start to sort out all the shady types on the net for us and we won't have to get fooled again.
But we have to start somewhere

Make your site readable by semantic search engines - Dapper
The semantic web is the first step in the right directions, if We want the net to grow smarter. So if you are a content provider or site owner, you must begin to demand smarter SEO for your site.
If not, your site will become stale and useless before you know it and all the money and time spend on the possibilities for your products online life will be wasted.
The choice is Ours.

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