Thursday, March 13, 2014

Is there anybody out there?

Music is a force of nature
Music has been the passion of my life as long as I can remember. The first two tracks I could sing, with a soul feeling, was Blondie 'Heart of glass' and Kate Bush 'Babooshka'.

Music is a force of nature for me. It is as important as clean air, a walk in the forest, a close conversation with a stranger. It is as close to an instant spiritual manifestation that I can get. It's an enabler to a higher love for life.

The passion
When my kids were born I was afraid that I'd loose my passion for music, that I would loose myself to 'Kiddy music vol. 11'. But no. Instead I have become an steady source of music inspiration to my two girls and they are my true companions when it comes to getting into the groove. 
I tried to pass my passion on to my wife for 15 years. But she just wanted to dance, and is now my ex-wife. In the future I will try the impossible, to find a woman who is still into listening to fresh tunes, even after 40+.

I'm horrible about my taste in music - and women
I love to dance, but I have to listen to the lyrics too. If the lyrics are rubbish, I just can't take it seriously. And if a woman can't tell the difference, it's never going to work out. Apparently ..

Just recently I met with an old friend of mine, for the first time in years, and we discussed the topic. He disagreed and asked me if it really matters that much - or if I was just being a music snob? - Fair enough!

This was my answer:
Remember the girl you were dating back in 1998? She bought a Dr. Bombay album and played it repeatedly. I despised her for that and couldn't visit you, before you broke up with her again. He was astonished and embarrassed that I remembered the girl - and the album(!!). We toasted to that and our great taste in music ;-)

Never growing out of love
It's my going to church, hanging out with old friends, my summer holiday, chilling with the dog, reading a good book. It's were I feel the spirit and the connection to the universe .. It's art and it is explainable - and it's my never ending love affair.
Deeper explainion here: Depending on art to be present in the now

Looking out for love
If you are a outgoing woman with a passion for independent art and you have a rockphilosophy degree behind you, I'd like to hear from you.  

The detour of my heart
This blog post was supposed to be about my passion for new music, and how much I appreciate a new generation getting in to recording their own tunes, that eventually grows into music that I can appreciate. But then it turned in to a cry for love and passion combined. 
Once I had a woman, but she really didn't care for music, did she?

I hope this message finds you, even if we are 10 years down the road. I'll be waiting for you ♥♪

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