Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Depending on art to be present in the now

From The power of Now Eckart Tolle shares his experience with music.

This speaks to me strongly. I, for one, need music to be present and feel connected to the source, the divine. I know now.. 
It's an unpleasant thought to 'be' without music, to be honest. Music has been my number one source, to understanding the feelings, that my brain can not process.
The last couple of years I have been listening to talk radio, more than music. Words and ideas has filled my mind, but not my heart, and I came to realize, that I had become an inspired mind, but an emotional wreck. So I had to turn my attention to music again, just to realize, that I am depending on music to present in the now, when I need stillness. So where do I begin to let go of music, as my first source of presence?

This is what I got from Eckhart Tolle's answer
Don't be depending on listening to music to be present - the music is inside you (it's not in the notes that you play, it's in the notes you don't play).
Presence should not be bound to one thing. When you listen to music and you feel connected, switch off the music and continue listening to the 'music inside you'. Once you feel the 'now', stop, and listen.
Use art to connect to the 'now', then put it away, close your eyes and continue to feel the presence. 



Anonymous said...

Interestingly this is the same advice given to people who get high to feel connected/creative/alive/one. The doc is called Neurons to Nirvana. Once you know the possibilities of where it can take you, you never forget. The trick is to know the experience is real, to believe in it when under the influence, and let it continue to inspire.

Thanks for the link you placed on E. Tolles FB page today. Martin Urik was a good find for me.

Your writing and sharing is rather inspiring too.

Kind regards from Canada

Anonymous said...

An edit to my comment
...to believe in it when NOT under the influence.
Martin Ucik


Thomas Juul said...

Thanx Martin!
Do you have an www?
share :-)