Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Swinging Europe Jazz Extravaganza!

See the pictures from the social event

Listen up Internationals!
- join us at the first cultural event April 28. 
We show our support to this all European talent band, before they go on tour in the rest of Europe. With some luck, we get to socialize a little with them.

Yes it's jazz AND it's swing!
Spend the night in one of our most unique venues, with your new best friends and international jazz talents.
Watch the swinging orchestra pre-debut the European tour.

The venue Remisen offers lot's of room to socialize and we got a room for our selves.

Experience 19 handpicked talents by the European  Broadcasting Union (EBU) conducted by the internationaly accalaimed composer Tadej Tomšič, Slovenien. 

Dresscode: Jazzy
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The 28h of April
Kl. 18.30 International Society Welcome in Festsalen.
Kl. 19.30 Opening by Swinging Europe’s arts director Erik Moseholm.
Kl. 19.40 CONCERT with Trainee Band 2010
Kl. 20.10 PAUSE.
Kl. 20.25 Presentation of European Jazz Orchestra 2010 by Erik Moseholm.
Kl. 20.30 CONCERT – 1. part European Jazz Orchestra 2010
Kl.20.15 Pause
Kl.21.35 KONCERT – 2. part European Jazz Orchestra 2010

Open ending, lots of swing..

After April 22 you can still buy tickets, but without the sandwich; for kr. 50,-
Just say "No thanks" in the sign up formular. 

Price: 75,- Including admission, one drink and a sandwich.

For tickets including food and drinks Registration ends the April 22.
The registration is valid when we receive the payment.
After April 21st - admission only!

a European new jazz phenomenon

(See the complete list of musicians - from 17 EU countries.)

Station to Station
Remisen Brande is located next to the train station, with direct connection to Vejle and Herning.

Download event Flyer
Print - hand out - hang up

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