Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why do we have to put up with the lame digital booklets?

Dear record companies, haven't you learned anything?
2 years ago I bought a Madonna record on iTunes, just to See the attached digital booklet that came with the download. Back then I was strongly disappointed with the lame pdf booklet and honed Madonnas staff for being uninspired and without vision.

One of the reasons I don't miss Cd's is that the art work is usually nothing more than a pamphlet with short term value, except for the lyrics of cause. It's definitely not Worth keeping the CD around for the future.

Bought on iTunes
Recently I bought TV on the Radio (with a digital booklet) to see how far they have come. And it's  nothing more than the same lame pdf scribble with a couple of photos from the cd booklet cover scanned to a pdf file. Is that really all you can come up with??

IF you want to offer me added value or some sort of rich context to the audio files. Convince iTunes (instead of fighting) to ad more text and graphics to the individual tracks. The pdf file is simply an insult to a paying costumer. And I hope I don't have to educate you on what sort of rich media content an pdf file is actually capable of (see below).

If you want me to actually buy the music from iTunes you have to give me a better offer than illegal mp3s from the net, that sometimes contains better tagging than yours.

If you need help thinking up ways to add content or simply need inspiration - feel free to contact me. I have enough ideas for the next generation.

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