Tuesday, July 1, 2008

But is it a curse or a blessing?

Idealist (iNtuitive Feeling) ENFP

"This group of individuals are the ones who are most interested in connections with people, understanding the meaning of life and continuously looking for possibilities. They have innate capabilities to understanding people well and connecting with them at their level. They are good motivators and are a source of inspiration to the rest of the group or team. Working together and finding creative solutions to problems is their forte.
They however, get very involved with the emotional aspect of life and find it difficult to separate it from their day to day life. This in turn invariably effects their decision making capabilities."

I would like to know, since that is what I am trying to work with.


Mahogan said...

I am surprised no one has commented on this blog! I also am an E(67)N(25)F(78)P(89) and have long asked is it a Blessing or a Curse, before I knew I was and ENFP? I have been surrounded by way to many ISTJ and ISFJ's in my life, and to them I am a curse! Oh, how I long to be a blessing to those who value the idiosyncrasies of the ENFP personality. I have come to realize that our personality is way to quick to accept people into our lives with enthusiastic optimism only to discover that our personalities clash and we become completely miserable. In addition, it is true that we tend to take on new projects one after another and multiple projects at once and suffer when we are unable to follow thru, especially when our ISTJ counterparts freak! Thus a miserable curse. I have tried to change my personality to no avail, it is ingrained deep within the DNA. All I can imagine is surrounding myself with the personality type that is most compatible, of which I have yet to discover.

Kirpus said...

I am so sorry I haven't seen your comment before. Somehow Google didn't notify me on this comment.

I would love to follow up on thi conversation. It seems as you have dug much deeper than I into this "blessing".

Let me know if you see this reply :0)